Our Cloud Terminal is an NFC
tap to pay mobile app that
converts Android and Apple
phones and tablets into
POS Terminals. Cloud
Terminal requires no hardware
to perform credit and debit card
transactions with ease and low cost.

Cloud Terminal Brochure

Enabling fast and secure EMVpayment acceptance anywhere.

Cloud Terminal empowers merchants and partners to rapidly deploy, certify, brand and distribute contactless payment solutionson smartphones, tablets and third party devices.

Cloud Terminal requires no dongle, terminal or PIN pad to process EMV transactions. Instead, Cloud Terminal activates the device’s NFC reader to capture contactless payments and uses the touch screen as a secure PIN pad.

Tap On Phone
Accept contactless card payments

Cloud Terminal-2


The New Cloud Terminal POS
app featuring Tap On Phone

Accept contactless card and mobile payments without needing a card payment machine.
Download the new Cloud Terminal POS app onto your Android device to start accepting card payments via new Tap On Phone feature today!

1. Enter the payment amount into the Cloud Terminal POS app

Cloud Terminal-3
Cloud Terminal-4

2. Tap your customer's card or mobile device onto the back of your phone to process their card

3. Once the card processing is complete, your money is settled into your Cloud Terminal Business Account the next day

Cloud Terminal-5


Cloud Terminal provides a turnkey Soft POS solution that enables ISVs,
payfacs and acquirers to rebrand and integrate.

Rebrand, Integrate And Deploy

Partner Benefits
  • Instant merchant activation
  • Faster time to revenue
  • On demand scalability
  • Eliminates hardware related expenses
  • “Over the air” rollout & enablement of EMV
  • Transactional or SaaS based licensing options
  • Opens new acceptance channels
Integration & Deployment Options
  • White label android app out of the box
  • Android app integration
  • POS integration flexibility
Cloud Terminal-6