Integrate, White Label and Distribute EMV and NFC payments, loyalty, tap to phone, point of sale and wallet solutions.

App Store

Payments (API)

WalletWare (APM)

Cloud (SDK)

Cloud (TMS)


Our App Store is hosted in the cloud within the Americas for developers, resellers, distributors, ISVs and other stakeholders in the payment ecosystem.
Our App Store manages Android payment apps designed to be deployed out terminals, kiosks and comparable smartphones and tablets globally.
We host and manage App Store for partners or App Store can be licensed and white labelled to partners.
All Aboard optimizes complex regulatory KYC/KYB compliance, digital signature processes, reporting and auditing for merchant acquirers, ISVs, payment processors, payment gateways and developers.
All Aboard offers a restful (API) enabling third-party developers to efficiently integrate with All Aboard to control and enhance user interface experiences.



TERMINOLOGY’s Payments (API) enables developers and partners to integrate with TERMINOLOGY’s Cloud (TMS) Point of Sale Software, Middleware and All Aboard On-boarding systems efficiently.


TERMINOLOGY’s WalletWare (APM) software enables merchants to accept Alternate Payment Methods such as Buy Now, Pay Later, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, UnionPay, Venmo, AliPay, WeChat Pay and other wallet technologies securely via one contract.

WalletWare (APM) also offers partners and developers a single integrated solution (API) providing merchants with secure, cost-effective (APM), reporting and transaction settlements services.


TERMINOLOGY’s Cloud (SDK) enables developers, processors, software providers and merchant acquirers to certify, develop and integrate software with our terminals, kiosks and Pin pads efficiently.


Cloud (TMS) is a cloud-based MasterCard (TQM) validated Terminal Management System hosted in the America’s region. Cloud (TMS) enables terminal and kiosk remote software management, over the air activation, deployment, warranty, geofencing and estate management processes securely and efficiently. Cloud (TMS) can be hosted for partners to resell or licensed as a white label (TMS) solution.