TERMINOLOGY, INC announces the launch of its Embedded ID, Age and ID Verification Services


Terminology is pleased to announce the launch of its Embedded ID, Age and ID verification services. Embedded ID provides Age and ID validated payment card authentication for online, in-app and in person sales of goods and services into risk averse, secure validated transactions.

Embedded ID enables its partners and business operators to safely validate customers, staff, purchases, tickets, services or site visitations requiring a valid age/ID verification. Age and ID verifications can be enabled and performed, in-store, in-app or online on websites assisting acquirers, banks, fintechs, hardware, payments and software providers technologies.

Embedded ID checks and validates several data points such as credit bureaus, card networks, telco providers and other data points to verify a credit/debit card holder is actually making or requesting a purchase on mobile apps, terminals, smart devices and kiosks. Embedded ID helps to reduce first-party fraud, chargebacks and consumers without friction to transactions.

Embedded ID’s agile (API) enables work flow designs developers, merchants and fintechs can utilize to perform real-time, AI-driven analysis of ID’s data formats, looking for anomalies and indications that the ID and transaction may be fraudulent. Embedded ID partners can access a cloud based portal, to manage integrations, detailed data workflows and view their user reports.

Anthony Ribas, Terminology’s CEO stated, “We are excited to launch our digital age and identity verification services to deploy adjacent to or independently with our facial recognition (API) and the growing demand for biometric checkout initiatives”. Anthony Ribas also stated Embedded ID strengthens Terminology’s POS terminal, tap to pay, kiosk, BNPL, digital wallets and value-add solutions our partners can leverage to differentiate and strengthen their business requirements”

Example industries who will benefit from Embedded ID include: ecommerce, gaming, pharmacy, healthcare, bars, resorts, clubs, venues, cannabis related businesses, dining, hospitality, G&A, liquor sales, tobacco, vape, and wineries. Terminology is offering a free (30) day Embedded ID trial to select partners and clients to increase the awareness and value Embedded ID provides.


TERMINOLOGY is a biometric-driven Terminals, Tap to Pay, Kiosk and Finance-as-a-Service tech firm based in the US and Canada. We offer unique, white label and off the shelf solutions that maximize profitability, security and reduce costs for various industries around the world.

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