TERMINOLOGY launches its Terminals and Kiosk-as-a-Service business

TERMINOLOGY, INC establishes its N. American partnership with a leading PCI, EMV and FIPS Certified OEM/ODM terminal and kiosk manufacturer. Building on a +15 year business relationship with our POS terminal manufacturer, TERMINOLOGY launches in N. America to address supply chain, cost, product availability and slowing technology innovation challenges facing the POS Terminal and Kiosk industry. TERMINOLOGY will embark on a journey to enable biometrics, digital Age/ID, payments, POS, loyalty, proximity, banking, retail, mobility and other industries with reliable, secure and innovative technologies.

Money 2020 Event Showcase

TERMINOLOGY, INC exhibits at Money 2020 showcasing its line of terminals, kiosk and integrated partner software solutions for hospitality, mobility, retail, transportation, lodging and unattended